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Jamie Freemantle & Laura Spencer


From the Couple

Jamie and I met in June 2012 through a friend, after a few months of getting to know each other we decided to go for it as we had very strong feelings for each other, not before long we were living together and we made our first commitment together with the arrival of Marley Moo our dog. Since then Jamie proposed to me on Christmas Day 2013 by tying the ring to the dogs collar and acting like he didn’t know what it was, since then we decided we wanted to get married before starting our own family so hence having the wedding this year and not waiting another year.

We are jetting off to drive the garden route in South Africa starting in cape town and finishing in port Elizabeth, we are then finishing the holiday off in Mauritius on the beach for around 4 days before we head back and start our married life.

Seeing as we have lived together for the past 2 years and already own everything we could ask for, we decided that we would like to do a Honey moon pot instead. We would really appreciate it as this is something we would really like to do.

Many thanks in advance

Our Honeymooners


When making contributions, please be sure to quote our Honeypot account number: 1095640

You can make a contribution to our Honeypot at any time up until CLOSED

1. By bank transfer: Charter Travel LLP

Account Number: 12675304

Sort Code: 40-51-62

2. By cheque sent to Charter Travel at: 49 Greenacres, Woolton Hill, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 9TA  


3. In person at the Charter Travel shop, using cash, cheque or card at: 74 Hambridge Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5TA    



Ways to contribute

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