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Susan Negus & Gary Ormes


From the Couple

This is the second time for the both of us but blimey does it feel so right! We are very happy and very much in love. 

We met in April 2009, just before I was due to set off for Sorrento and Pompeii with my good pal Daggers. And ask her - I was a love sick cow for the trip barring the phone conversations Garry and I shared of a night time. The first time he rang I was outside - by the end of the conversation I was loved up and bitten to death by mozzies!!! 

By the time I came back he was in the full swing of the scooter rally season so our time together was fairly hit and miss - but thanks to the modern technology of mobile phones we got by. 

By the time we did get together we knew what we were letting ourselves in for - the kids loved him and by July he was moved in!!! 

Then in October we decided to go to Bruges for a short holiday - what a wonderful city and a beautiful time was had. On the last day, in the midst of a horse and carriage drive, Garry popped the question and give me the ring he'd been carrying around all week!!!

And now its 18 month son and only 6 months before we tie the knot - we can't wait to share our special day with you all. 

Our Honeymooners


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