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Zoe Penrose & Aidan Stephenson


From the Couple

Thanks for visiting our honeypot webpage, below is the itinery for our honeymoon that you may notice isnt a lovely romantic trip to a Caribbean island but is instead a cold, dark cruise around the Norwegian coast, luckily we both really like snow and the cold and the dark and we are really looking forward to seeing the fjords, the northern lights and especially ushering in the new year as husband and wife in magical surroundings (not that Newbury on New Years Eve isnt!).

Our Honeymooners


When making contributions, please be sure to quote our Honeypot account number: 1085059

You can make a contribution to our Honeypot at any time up until CLOSED

1. By bank transfer: Charter Travel LLP

Account Number: 12675304

Sort Code: 40-51-62

2. By cheque sent to Charter Travel at: 49 Greenacres, Woolton Hill, Newbury, Berkshire, RG20 9TA  


3. In person at the Charter Travel shop, using cash, cheque or card at: 74 Hambridge Road, Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 5TA    



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